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About Us

Today our customer base is worldwide, and this has been built up since 1988. The support that we have been receiving from our overseas customers has been over-whelming, and this has necessitated that we upgrade our equipment and technology continually to serve the packaging needs of our customers well.

The wide range of bags we currently produce in LD, LLD and HDPE etc. Backed up by plenty of printing capacity of up to 6 colours in gravure process. Make us one of the leading and most sought after manufacturers and exporters in this country.

Our currently installed capacity is in excess of 1800MT / month, and still rising. Our factory is managed by a team of professionals and highly trained and skillful operators.


To be the leading plastic bags exporter in Malaysia


• We emphasize customer satisfaction as our top priority.
• We continuously strive to improve our product quality & expand our product range.
• We shall upgrade & improve the skill of our staffs & their well-being.

Why Plastik V?

Trusted Brand

We are an established factory that have experienced significant growth since its inception in 1988. Today, our manufacturing facilities sit on 7 acres of land and they include recycling, production, quality control, warehouse and worker's dormitory buildings.

Strict Quality Control

We take pride in our strict quality control procedures which have consistently delivered high quality products to our customers over the years.

World Class Customer Service

Our number 1 priority has and will always be effective and long term customer relationship. We work tirelessly to ensure we have the most competitive prices in the market and high quality in our products, whilst ensuring that we deliver your goods to you on time.

Continuous Growth

Whilst other plastic factories have closed down over the years, we are focused and determined to growing the business. Our company mission now incorporates a strong focus on innovation, diversification into other industries and producing environment friendly options including recyclable and degradable products.





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